Barroso Agricultural Cooperative, C.R.L.

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Barroso Agricultural Cooperative, C.R.L.

COOPBARROSO – Cooperativa Agrícola do Barroso, C.R.L. was created on June 3, 2014, whose geographical area of intervention is located in the municipality of Montalegre and neighboring municipalities. Composed of elements of the three associations of farmers existing in the municipality, this institution arose with the objective of supporting agriculture and rural areas, contributing to the technical and economic promotion of farms. To defend the interests of its co-workers, three sections were initially created: Livestock and Agro‐Forestry Section, Supply Section and Rural Agro Services Section.

Over the years, Coopbarroso has expanded, only possible with the quality of the services provided, and currently operates with ten distinct sections, with its own internal regulations and accounting organization, in order to highlight the activities and results of each of them:

a) Livestock and Agro‐Forestry Section

b) Procurement Section

c) Rural Agro Services Section

d) Section of the Grouping of wastelands of the barroso

(e) Section of the Grouping of crossbeef producers of barroso lameiros

(f) Section of the Grouping of seed potatoes/consumption

(g) Bee section – Grouping of organic honey

(h) Section of the Grouping of producers of lamb of barroso

(i) Section of the grouping of producers of the goat of barros

j) Section of the Grouping of wastelands of the high barroso


        Coopbarroso’s visual identity was created in the same year of its foundation in order to represent, through graphics, the mission and values of this institution. The circumferences, also used in the symbol of Cooperativism, reveal the   social progress   of cooperation. 

       The chromatic choice gives this identity efficiency, balance and connection with the varied environment so characteristic of Barroso.